Design Services

3d Printing and manufacturing is all well and good if your product exists, but what is one to do if it is just an idea or an existing part that you can no longer obtain.  We specialize in taking ideas and walking them through the development process.

New Product Design

Have you got an idea and don’t know where to start?  Do you need help making it a reality?

Reverse Engineering

Do you need a part that is out of production, or have an idea to improve on an existing part?

2d / 3d Design and Drafting

Is your idea mature and you just need computer designs to pass to a manufacturer?

New Product Development


What is it that you wish to accomplish?  Do you need a single widget for personal use or do you think there is an untapped market of millions?  We will seek to understand your goals and educate you on the process of seeing them to fruition.


This is the process of taking your concept from an idea to a more defined form.  We will discuss what your product is, what you want it to accomplish, and any work you have put into it to date.


This is an iterative process.  We will create the necessary drawings or models to build a physical prototype.  Once you have had a chance to handle it we will go back and refine the design and repeat the process until you are happy with the result.


If we are the best option for you to manufacture your part then we will create a proposal for you.  Otherwise we will introduce you to outside vendors that have the right expertise to take you to market.  We can stay involved as consultants should you choose to use an outside manufacturer.


Active in ecommerce since 1997, we have extensive experience with online selling.  If the product is a good fit we can introduce you to an online vendor that will list your product on Amazon.

Reverse Engineering

Sometimes you just need a part that you cannot find.  We can take a sample or existing plans and create a 3d model out of it.

For a physical part we can use a 3d scanning technique to get a representation into our CAD software.  We then use that as an electronic template to create a new 3d model from it.  While we could create a new part just from the scan it not worth the effort to edit it directly as it is very time consuming and the new model will deliver superior results.  Additionally, a 3d model can be enhanced to improve the original design if so desired.

If you have an engineering drawing of an existing part then our job is easier.  If it is an electronic drawing we can simply import it into our modeling software.  A paper version is simple and takes time to redraw but the end result is high quality.

We do not reverse engineer items protected by current patents. 

2d / 3d Design and Drafting

We are of course able to create an electronic model if you have an existing design.  While drafting we will review what you have and make suggestions if you so desire.

Need More than Just 3d Printing? Let Us Know how We can Help.

Originate 3d is a full-service shop that can not only 3d print your designs but can also help you with product development and even manufacturing.  If you would like to know more about our capabilities please contact us.