About Originate 3d

The founders of Originate 3d have over 50 years of combined experience in engineering and product development.

Nick obtained his engineering degree from Georgia Tech in 1995 and has been developing a variety of associated skills since.  With unrepentant curiosity, he built his first 3d printer in 2013 and has never looked back.  Nick is highly skilled with 3d modeling tools and manages the day to day operations on the Originate 3d production floor.  He is a member of IEEE and ASTM.

Andrew was a PhD candidate at Florida State when he decided that he did not love chemistry quite as much as his fellow students.  After a sojourn at Dell, Andrew landed in China and made a deep dive into the manufacturing sector there.  Andrew has developed a worldwide network of experts ensuring that if Originate 3d does not have the skill a client needs we know where to find it.

David was a sophomore at Georgia Tech when Nick rolled in as a freshman.  After obtaining a degree in physics, he spent twenty years in the telecom industry installing and managing cellular infrastructure.  His love of tinkering and practical nature has led to a steady stream of useful inventions.  He is a constant source of ideas for refining existing items.

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Originate 3d is a full-service shop that can not only 3d print your designs but can also help you with product development and even manufacturing.  If you would like to know more about our capabilities please contact us.


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We are located in Dallas, Texas.  Our facility is currently not open for visits.  When it is again we will provide location info.