Hobby Printing

We work serious projects here at O3d, but we also know serious fun.  3d printing has invaded the hobby space and we’re happy to help you realize your vision.  Whether it be to print out a unique miniature, a whole army, or some terrain pieces, we are here for you.

One area we can help with is selecting what kind of printer to use.  Resin printers are great at individual figures because of the exceptional detail they can achieve, whereas filament printers are great for large terrain pieces.  With the beautiful work that sculptors are doing today, some models are actually quite challenging to print.  We’ve got a lot of experience in printing difficult parts and we will put that to use for you.

We do not sculpt figures at this time.  Our design expertise is in functional parts and we do not, at present, have any figure artists on staff.  If you need a minor modification to something we may be able to help but we cannot create new figures for you.

Drop us a line if you have any questions – the form is just below.  We’re always happy to chat with gamers.

Need 3d printing?

If you already have your 3d model and just need it printed, fill out our form and get a quote.

Technologies We Use

There are many different technologies that can be used in 3d Printing.

Materials We Print

The list of available materials grows all the time. We pick the best one for a given application.

Need More than Just 3d Printing? Let Us Know how We can Help.

Originate 3d is a full-service shop that can not only 3d print your designs but can also help you with product development and even manufacturing.  If you would like to know more about our capabilities please contact us.